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 The Salish School of Spokane Partnership 

North Hill Christian Church has formed a partnership with The Salish School of Spokane to help in the lives of many children and families in need. 

We help with:

·         School Supplies - Yearly, NHCC members purchase school supplies( tailored to the current requests) and deliver them to The Salish School of Spokane for use by those in need.

·         Personal Supplies - As needed, NHCC Members donate funds and supplies so that families have necessities.

·         Thanksgiving Baskets -  With  the advantage of knowing family situations, The Salish School of Spokane helps NHCC to reach out to families in need, with baskets of food that provide for a complete and nourishing Thanksgiving meal.

·         Christmas Baskets - Again, with the help of knowledge collected from The Salish School of Spokane, dinner baskets are given by our caring and sharing members.

 This is an opportunity to reach out and touch those very near us with known needs and shortages. You can greatly bless others with your contributions to these efforts.

We are currently collecting the following personal supplies which can be dropped off at the church or funds can be designated for purchase:



Body Soap

Hand Sanitizer



Face Wash



Laundry Detergent

Dryer Sheets


Gift cards for clothing (Walmart, Target) 

Adult Size Masks

Small Laundry Products (able to carry to and from laundromat)

Baby Wipes



Lice Kits (Fairy Tales)


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