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The general offerings received each week at North Hill not only sustain the inner workings within our church walls, but also help to support other Disciple -related ministries. A voted percentage of general offerings is divided among:


·         Disciples Mission Fund - the general needs of the denomination as a whole (60% of the total voted percentage)

·         Northwest Regional Christian Church (20%)

·         Northwest Christian University (20%)


 North Hill Christian Church also actively supports the following Disciples of Christ outreach  offerings with yearly special offering collections:


·         Week of Compassion - Worldwide Crisis and Disaster Relief

·         Lenten - local outreach for current concerns

·         Easter - aid in the work of:

o   the Division of Overseas Ministries and

o   the Division of Homeland Ministries

o   Other general ministries

·         Pentecost - for new church development

·         Reconciliation - with the goal of rooting out the causes of racism wherever it is found

·         Thanksgiving -  to support higher education

·         Christmas -  to support regional growth and development



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